Color Management System (CMS)

Don’t Guess Use CMS!

A brochure may look simple, but it is the fruit of a complicated process integrating your creative concepts with physical scanners, monitors, printers, imagesetters, and, finally, the printing press. All these devices, including your eyes, handle colors in fundamentally different ways, the color you imaged at the design stage, and the color you see on the final product rarely matches.

CMS’s ambitious goal is to handle colors consistently considering all the various software and equipment employed, so what you see on your monitor accurately reflects the colors that the printer can faithfully reproduce. CMS interprets the different ICC profiles of all the software and devices used in the project and applies a common language for effective color communication across the entire platform.

For example, CMS helps display an accurate image from a digital camera to your monitor by:

(Camera Image + ICC Profile of Camera) + (ICC Profile of Monitor) = the closest representation of the original image displayed on the screen.

CMS’s multi-lingual efforts achieve accurate multi-device calibration, so only a little color is lost in translation.

CMS requires that each input and output device possess their individual ICC profile. Print shops may provide different profiles based on equipment and the paper and ink used.

The difference between a good printer and an excellent printer (Printmax Partners) is their CMS and their eagerness to work with you in achieving the best results. Getting the most out of CMS demands close cooperation with your printer who should consult with you regarding both equipment and paper used. Paper’s brightness and type of coating have a profound effect on the results, and the ICC profile your printer will supply.

For extra insurance, request color proofs. CMS, exploiting ICC profiles, calibrates proofs based on the printer’s presses and paper used that will show with accurately the final colors.

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