Convert to Curves / Outline

Cryptic communication to ”Convert to curves” sound confusing? “Convert to curves / outline” simply transforms text to vector images. After conversion, it is impossible to edit the actual text as it is now vector art.

As a vector graphic, the former text has a lot more possibilities for creative design. You can alter the shape of individual characters in a logo or add color to only a part of a single letter.

The print shop may demand conversion to curves for purely technical reasons, including:

The actual font is no longer required to view and print the project,
It is easy to share files with others who may not have the text font installed on their computers or other devices,
While most fonts are easily embedded in a PDF export, a few fonts are rumored to fight embedding,
Printing for signage, textiles, lanyards and other gadgets most often require conversion into vector format they will be resized,
If characters are placed within a logo, like in the majority of business cards, the text must be converted. This prevents the text from shifting position.
The print shop is old fashioned and this is the way they have done it since Gutenburg’s great grandson said ”Gibt mir nur Wektor!”
Watch out!

Small bits of text converted for a logo or artistic text is always painless. Beware of converting large quantities of text to outlines as it is impossible to make any last minute changes to the text, as it no longer exists. If your print shop requires converting all typical text to curves, it may be worthwhile to seek an alternative vendor. Remember to MAKE A BACK UP BEFORE CONVERSION! Some designers recommend, when possible, only converting sans serif fonts as the conversion process noticeably thickens the diminutive serifs. Conversion for fonts 5pts and under can affect their legibility.

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